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Those who have it have an obsession or obsessions repetitive thoughts one can't get rid of which cause stress ranging from mild to severe and compulsions repetitive actions carried out to ease or get rid of the obsessions, however temporarily; these can be counting, handwashing, saying a word over and over, mantras, etc.

Some OCD is known as "pure O" wherein the sufferer only has obsessions and no compulsions to keep them "in check"--although the repetitive ruminating in and of itself is a form of compulsion.

ocd and hormones

I've tried both, with little success. I'm not a fan of taking medication unless I feel I really need it, and I'm especially not fond of taking medication that has a plethora of side effects. All SSRI's, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-convulsive medications have side effects. The intention of keeping serotonin in the synapses has a long-term unintended effect of, essentially, depleting the body's own stores of this neurotransmitter, requiring either stronger meds, different meds, or different treatment altogether.

Behavior modification therapy may be effective for some, but I've read about some therapists who make their patients confront their fears by exposure. For example, if one has an obsession about hurting loved ones, the therapy might be to watch horror movies until the sufferer is desensitized to violent images. To my estimation, this sounds like cruel and unusual punishment where there is no crime, only illness. Neither of these therapies address the root of OCD. What causes it?

Why does it typically start in puberty for both genders or after childbirth for women?

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I've been researching this for years and years, not just to help myself, but to help others and to find something better than a pharmaceutical Band-aid.

In addition to OCD, I also have several physical health problems, and I've used myself as a guinea pig over the years, testing my hypotheses and treatments, and have found a good deal of success.

OCD does appear to have much to do with hormonal imbalance, glucose metabolism, and allergies, especially food allergies. During puberty which is when mine began--almost a year to the day after my first menstrual cyclethe body is undergoing dramatic changes. Because of genetic, environmental, and even dietary issues, it can be a particularly devastating transition. Too little progesterone, too little estrogen, or just an incorrect ratio of the two disrupts the brain's neurotransmitters.

Progesterone enhances GABA in the brain. Estrogen modulates MAO inhibition. Like pharmaceutical monoamine oxidase MAO inhibitors, estrogen reduces MAO activity, resulting in higher levels of both catecholamines and serotonin in the brain.Hey, I just discovered this web sight today.

Fortunately I went to a doctor who told me to quit thyroxine.

ocd and hormones

That was three months ago and I am doing a lot better now. Somehow now I manage to control those thoughts a bit better than before, but still they make me panic. Hi - I feel much much worse before and during my periods - I get more anxious, I have more panic attacks and I get more depressed.

Did your thoughts occur the very first time when your thyroid levels were high or had you experienced them before? The thoughts do not mean that you are going crazy. They are a reflection of high anxiety - if you were going 'crazy' you wouldn't be afraid of the thoughts. Anxiety makes people fear that they are going crazy - but I've never known of someone actually going crazy from anxiety - it's just a symptom of anxiety and a very unpleasant one.

ocd and hormones

Women prone to anxiety generally have a worsening of symptoms during prementruation and many during their periods - but it won't hurt getting your hormones checked - and to get thyroid levels checked again. Take care. This post has been thanked 1 time. Thanks Emilystar, it really helps to talk about these things! Most definitely related to hormones. Being on birth control made me insane.

Like I'm thinking I'd rather become a nun than attempt those meds again. Website by Oyster Design and Marketing. Hormone related pure O? Hannah Pu. Did any of your intrusive thoughts go away with medication. Ivy Adeline. Log in or register to post. All Rights Reserved.It appears you have not yet Signed Up with our community. To Sign Up for free, please click here Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences.

Join the conversation! Health Board's Privacy Policy. There was a problem adding your email Try again. All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Here we go again It has been awhile since I have been on this board, so most probably do not know me. I have had OCD for most of my adult life. I suffer from mainly intrusive thoughts.

I second guess myself and guilt is a regular emotion I feel. The intrusive thoughts that have been most bothersome are the ones involving my thoughts of harming someone. It is awful. I immediately feel guilt and shame for the thoughts and then I obsess over if I actually did hurt that person.

The worst is fear that I killed someone. I have obsessed over many other things that do not cause guilt, but are bothersome, just the same. I have gone through extreme fear of germs, throwing up, etc. I have this constant need to be reassured about things and I have this urge to admit everything.

Recently I have felt guilt about talking to other men while I was with my bf. Not only did I tell him about this, I told him every single little detail, and I mean down to the smallest thing. Then, I would worry I didn't tell him everything, so I would ask him if I told him such and such and he would get so annoyed, but he tried to understand.In this book, she speaks about neurological disorders including epilepsy which can cause OCD symptoms. She also writes about hormones.

She believes that endocrine disturbances can play a role. OCDMomma has been speaking about hormones and wondering if she should have tests done. Hormones can certainly affect the severity of our OCD and for some it would appear they can be the direct cause. It is known that some women develop OCD during pregnancy or after childbirth. There are women who only experience OCD symptoms at certain times during their menstrual cycle. Years ago, a neurologist suggested that a hormone imbalance could be responsible for the worst of my OCD symptoms.

Sadly, his endocrinologist colleague didn't share his views. You know how so many now ridicule Freud and his whacky theories.

Well, in fifty years hopefully much sooner there will be books written describing the bizarre therapies people with a physical problem were encouraged to endure. It will all sound as barmy as many of the medical procedures that were performed a century or more ago.

My consultant is convinced that my endocrine problems make the OCD worse. But no doubt the psychologists would say to the contrary. When the epilepsy is better controlled and my hormones are under better control the OCD improves considerably. I can tell with out the blood tests when my pituitary is playing up as the OCD has a field day.

The tests then confirm my suspicions. How much research is being done into this? There is a little research into endocrine disturbances and OCD but no where near enough.

I didn't see your PS, yes it would be good to see their faces when their crackpot theories are consigned to the history books. Paul S. Another question Trish, I read on a post of yours that you sought help 30 years ago,I have had OCD since childhood but only got diagnosed about 7 years ago I can get myself out of the OCD intrusive thought mindset by getting outside and going for a walk,distracting myself etc.

OCD and its Relationship to Hormones, Glucose Metabolism, and Food Allergies

This post has been thanked 1 time. Outwardly that is so, but the intrusive thoughts which I found the worst of all to live with are much more bearable. At least none of us are alone any more and we have much more knowledge than previous generations suffering this ever had. One psychiatrist a doom and gloom merchant said this illness always gets worse with age. That is simply not the case for many of my friends, who are coping better in their fifties and sixties than they ever have.

But given time they will discover exactly how the brain functions. It just takes time. Science is advancing all the time and until the cause of something is known an open mind should always be kept when it comes to determining treatment for any condition.

What happens to be the gold standard for treatment today might well eventually be consigned to the history books. This applies to all fields of medicine. We have to consider that even if they find that there is a biological cause for OCD and can correct it we still have to confront our fears.I hope you're all doing ok.

Tonight was quite bad compared to recently. I know the reason why I've slipped and its my monthly change in hormones that causes me to be so much less resilient. It happened last month too prior to my period. So I guess I need to be aware that at these times I'm more susceptible and be stronger? The reason I'm posting is because if you know that your monthly cycle affects your resilience and increases your OCD, be aware of that and try very hard not to fall for things.

I have this exact same problem, but I think knowing that you are getting your period gives you an explanation for why you feel bad. Thank you for your message, sorry you have this problem too.

I find taking Vitamin B6 supplements, Evening Primrose oil and Magnesium for the second fortnight of my cycle really helpful. So I guess that's good. I'm sorry your OCD is affected by hormones too, thank you so much for the supplement advice, that's so great you find taking what you said helpful. I think I'm going to go back to taking supplements because when I was breast feeding I did for a good while and I was much more even then with the effects of hormones.

I think we just have to learn to accept that OCD will come and go. It's not the end of the world if you have intrusive thoughts or even if you do compulsions, we all make mistakes so don't beat yourself up. The important thing is to recognise when you are doing it and to try and do things differently or pull yourself back out.

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The more you do that, the less frequent it will become. Thank you so much, Malina. No, I won't beat myself up, I'm disappointed though as I was doing so well. Massive slip up this morning too with compulsions.

To turn in into a positive, I just need to learn from my mistakes. Thank you so much for your great advice. The disorder itself has a later onset in women, and tends to show two distinct peaks of onset. All over the forums is not scientific evidence. I am not the one claiming that OCD has an estrogen component, you are. Therefore the burden of proof is on you, its not my job to seek that information out.

My hormones are playing havoc with my OCD.August 11, by pattio.

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I now suspect I have gotten a bad box of estrogen patches, and will see if this resolves when I start on the new box. The first thing I looked at was a self test for OCD. It is certainly worth a shot. She emphasizes the role of progesterone in calming anxieties.

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Just keep in mind that, for me at least, there is a very narrow sweet spot for progesterone levels: if I get too much relative to estrogenit actually brings on the stuck music. But as we know, we all have different body chemistries and reactions, so keep progesterone in your toolbox and use it carefully, like everything else.

Her suggestions about diet require more self discipline than I am easily capable of, but they have worked for her OCD, so please check them out and see if her suggestions might work for you. Remember that high cortisol can not only trigger or exacerbate the AMLs, it can induce insulin resistance which Melanie talks about in easy-to-understand detail. From a logical standpoint, it seems that if blood sugar, food allergies, and insulin resistance were truly at the root of this in my case, at leastthen I should not have been able to get rid of the AMLs when I implemented my current hormone regimen, because I did not change my diet.

The only things I changed were: 1 I took cortisol suppressing supplements, and 2 I created a mini hormone cycle with a surge of estrogen 24 hours before I took my progesterone. This only started when my sex hormones went south at menopause…and it only went away again when I mimicked a youthful hormone cycle. Then again, the most obvious difference between the identical twin boys who shared most everything except the AMLs was that the one who had the AMLs turned out to have a then-undiagnosed metabolic disorder involving insulin resistance.

So, clearly the AMLs and metabolic dysfunction are closely linked. So I encourage you to check out her hub. You can read the articles but may have to join HubPages. And write to her if you think she can help. She seems to be very generous in responding. And if any of you try her suggestions, please keep us posted on the results, whether positive, negative or neutral.

BTW, Last night I attended a lecture by a neuroscientist, and he has promised to put me in touch with someone he thinks might be able to help us or at least can point us to someone else who might. Cross your fingers…. Posted in songs stuck in your head Tagged broken recordbroken record syndromecortisolear wormsestrogenhormonesinsulin resistanceOCDsongs stuck in your head 4 Comments.

Thank you so very much for referencing my work in your blog. You definitely correlate OCD symptoms to the hormonal cascade. Please email me, and we can further discuss your research and my research. I assume you will be able to see my email when I post my information in the boxes below? Once again, thank you so much, Pat, for your carefully researched explorations—these insights are well-thought out and intriguing. I am also very allergic to wheat; so much so that I became nauseous for 6 months the last time I ate it.

This all coincided with one of the happiest times of my life, after some years of stress. Almost as if, my body, now relaxed, began feeling the symptoms of past stress.

Impossible, I know, but odd.The illness that defined me and served as the source for much of my suffering is finally at bay. I had tried everything except SSRIs and many things had helped, but not cured. I actually did not believe OCD could go away. I went to a naturopath.

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I had seen naturopaths before, but none like this. In fact, I have seen quite a few medical professionals including your classic MDs, specialists, and alternative practitioners. I went to see this particular naturopath for my chronic systemic infections.

I was sick a lot and was told by my current doctors that all the tests had been done and there was nothing more to try, but I am not one to be content with that answer. During my last quarter in college, I had gotten Whooping Cough twice, Strep Throat once, a Staph infection, a sinus infection, an ear infection, and countless UTIs and yeast infections.

This is why I dropped out of school; I physically was not healthy enough to tolerate the stress. The naturopath informed me that I had a hormonal imbalance, high cortisol levels, food allergies, a fatty liver and imbalanced serotonin levels. She told me to avoid certain foods, and to stop smoking pot. She suggested progesterone cream and some supplements for my hormones. She also prescribed a host of different supplements. I followed every bit of advice she gave me to perfection.

That first week, I slept better than I had ever in my whole life. I was able to get weed out of my routine in a few weeks. After a month, I was a different person. I felt calm, I was no longer compulsing and my brain was no longer obsessing.

ocd and hormones

I tried bringing some of the foods she told me to eliminate back into my diet, and I experienced very unpleasant results, which verified what she had said not that I needed verification.

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