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My code is working fine till android version 8. Android version 9 Pie changes require Location to be enabled by the useror the call to getConnectioInfo will fail, even if your app has correct permissions. This is documented in the Android 9 changes excerpt below :. In Android 9, the permission requirements for an app to perform Wi-Fi scans are more strict than in previous versions. For details, see Wi-Fi scanning restrictions. Similar restrictions also apply to the getConnectionInfo method, which returns a WifiInfo object describing the current Wi-Fi connection.

If location is not enabled, I pop up a dialog that says it's required, and allows the user to jump to the location settings page see code below :. This is related to permissions You can access to the ssid wifi that you are connnected to it in Android 8 with location permission, but in android 9 you have to turn on location. Learn more. Ask Question.

Asked 1 year, 5 months ago. Active 28 days ago.

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Viewed 10k times. Manohar Reddy Abhinav Tiwari Abhinav Tiwari 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. This is documented in the Android 9 changes excerpt below : Restricted access to Wi-Fi location and connection information In Android 9, the permission requirements for an app to perform Wi-Fi scans are more strict than in previous versions.

My locnProviders contains a "passive" even my location is disabled. I think it should be excluded. Are you specifically requesting those permissions from the user? AbhinavTiwari since Android 6 you also have to explicitly ask user for those permissions it's not sufficient to just declare them in manifest file - developer. AbhinavTiwari did you resolve this? Mohammad Davari Mohammad Davari 8 8 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Kevin McCoskey. Motorola support states this was a change made by Google for new Ver 9 Pie. Does anybody else have similar issue and do you think a fix is coming with future updates? Why would Google remove a security process? Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 2. User Recommended Answer.

Hope this gets resolved soon. My bad. I just discovered the hidden network switch at the very bottom of wifi advanced options. Platinum Product Expert. Penelope R.

Original Poster. Kevin McCoskey. Important : Settings can vary by phone. Open your phone's Settings app. If needed, enter the network name SSID and security details. All Replies 7.

Thanks for the input. But the issue is not adding a network wifi connection. That is already done. Google user. Lofi Dewanto.To understand how to get the Wi-Fi identifier on Android, you should know what it is and why it is needed. Nowadays Android devices are in great demand.

Also, the standard Why is it needed and how to find it when you connect your smartphone or tablet with this operating system? This will allow better understanding of the connection procedure and the principle of such networks operation. Literally abbreviation stands for Service Set Identifier. Thus, it becomes clear that this is the name of the network.

When we want to connect to an access point, we turn on the wireless adapter and the system detects available connections. We only see a list of connections. Each one has its own name. If you hide the Service Set Identifier, then the system will not see the name.

To create a connection, we need to know the Service Set Identifier of the router. Users can set absolutely any name for their network. This is done in the parameters of the router; see "Wireless connection setup".

You should have no problems with that, as it is very easy and understandable. But how can we get the Service Set Identifier of the connection? If the connection is not hidden in the router parameters, the name of the connection is transmitted continuously and automatically.

In other words, when the wireless communication module is activated, the system automatically finds routers that are available for connection and their identifiers. You do not need to configure anything. You simply select the desired name from the list and enter the password if required. The device will automatically connect. Another thing, if the question is how to find hidden wireless network on Android?

android 9 get wifi ssid

Often, in order to increase security, users hide their access point that no one else cannot see it and cannot connect to it. Of course, there is a password protection, but there arecraftsmen who can bypass or crack such locks.

Therefore, in order to avoid even hacking attempts, you can simply hide the router. In this case, it simply will not be detected. But note that the Wi-Fi broadcasting does not stop. That is, the Internet is distributed as before. Only the name of the router is not transmitted. It simply hides. But, in fact, both computer and smartphone detect such an access point, but without ID. As a rule, the attacker can easily bypass such security measures because there are many programs to work in such conditions.

Therefore, the best protection for your data is a type of encryption WPAWPA2 and complex password that contains numbers and letters. And the key is to have regular and capital characters.

Connect to Wi-Fi networks on your Android device

You can connect to such a router only if you know the name and password. To do this, there are applications that are able to detect hidden access points.WiFi issues since Pie update? Several users facing WiFi issues on Android 9 such as WiFi slow, constant wifi problems, drop Wi-Fi, lag or poor connectivity, and android Pie keep wifi on during sleep issues.

Also facing other problems after update android Pie 9. Bluetooth, Hotspot and Wi-Fi issues on android Pie 9 update is the common problem for all new devices.

Get Wifi info with android 9

Also facing Wi-Fi connection problems on any android device after updating from 8. After plug the power cords back in. Wait minutes, until lights turn on the modem and router.

Turned on Airplane mode and wait minutes and off again. Now connect with Wi-Fi and check fix android 9 WiFi issues. Delete connected Wi-Fi networks on your Android Pie and restart your phone. After rebooting the device, again adds the Wi-Fi network on your phone. If none of the above-given methods fix Wi-Fi connected but not working on Pixel devices, network reset settings in your Google Pixel device.

Did these solutions fix the problem for you? What other fixes do you know for fix wifi problem after Android 9 Pie update? Let me know in the below comments section if you have any additional tips to fix android Pie Wifi issues.

I have a Samsung galaxy note S4. None of the above sort my wifi problems after pie update. The tablet is now virtually unusable. Thank you Samsung for screwing up my new tablet.

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Now wait until next software update in your Samsung Note 4. I hope software update fix Wi-Fi issue in your device. Make sure turn on auto-update to receive update notifications when available software updates. If yes, then update it. Is there any way to get around this issue? Try to reset your network settings It will remove saved Wi-Fi password, Bluetooth paired and other network settings and after that check fix mobile Hotspot issue.

After couple of seconds, network is back and Wifi as well. This happens every minutes.Every smartphone or tablet user, as well as those people who have a router, should know how to connect Android to Wi-Fi with a hidden SSID.

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SSID is the name of the router. Probably everyone has heard that you can hide your network in order to increase security. But how are we able to connect to it later?

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Everything is quite simple. Any version of the operating system provides such an opportunity. The relevant parameters can be found in the wireless settings that we need to adjust. It is very easy. It is only important to know the sequence of actions and be very careful when entering data.

Note that this feature significantly increases the level of security, since attackers will not be able to see the available connection. This means that there will not be any hacking attempts. So, first of all it is necessary to know the name of the access point to connect the Android to hidden Wi-Fi.

If this is your personal network, then there is no problem. In any case, even if you are in doubt, you can connect to the router with a cable, go to the menu and see its name, password and any other information.

We do need to know the following information, which has to be specified during manual configuration on Android:. Not knowing this information, you cannot make a connection. So, let's analyze the process of connecting in details. To get started, go to Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone. Turn on the wireless module.

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The system will search for access points.If you've upgraded your phone to Android 9. If your Essential or OnePlus device is acting up, you'll want to check this out.

To be clear, there are pluses and minuses to using this setting. On one hand, this setting allows you to keep Wi-Fi disabled during the day, then connect to your Wi-Fi when you return home without having to manually do so. On the flip side, that also applies to any other saved Wi-Fi connections your Android device remembers.

So your phone might automatically connect to that Starbucks Wi-Fi, even if you're too far away for the connection to be any good. Luckily, shutting off "Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically" is simple. You might find the feature is already disabled after updating to Android Pie.

Chances are, you have a Pixel device that was previously running Android Oreo, where the feature was disabled by default. If that's the case, you might need to look elsewhere for your connectivity problems.

Make sure "Connect to open networks" is disabled, as well, as your device might be connecting to free, public Wi-Fi without your knowledge.

android 9 get wifi ssid

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What is the SSID, and how to get the Wi-Fi identifier on Android?

Sign Up. I followed the instructions above and still can not activate the Wi-Fi from anywhere. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.There will likely be times you want to connect your Android device to a Wi-Fi network, whether you're at home, at a coffee shop, in an airport, at a Wi-Fi hotspotor wherever a Wi-Fi network happens to be. It's easy to join a wireless network from your Android smartphone or tablet, and the steps you take will be the same regardless of the network you choose.

Soon you'll be connected and able to watch online moviesstream musicdownload appsand more. These directions apply to devices running Android 9.

Follow these steps regardless of your device's manufacturer, such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. You'll need the password if the network is password-protected. If your internet connection was recently set up, the modem provided by your ISP may have paperwork with this information.

To connect to a network that isn't yours, ask the owner for the name and Wi-Fi password. Access your Wi-Fi settings to make sure Wi-Fi is turned on and to view the available networks. To open the Wi-Fi settings, swipe down from the upper-right of the screen and tap and hold the Wi-Fi icon. If you don't see these menu names, the device may have Android 8.

Here's how to open the Wi-Fi settings on these devices:. Once Wi-Fi is enabled on your Android phone or tablet, go to the Wi-Fi page to see a list of nearby networks to which you can connect. Consider a few things before connecting to a network. Networks with a key icon require a password.

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If you know the password, these are the preferred networks to use. Unsecured networks such as those in coffee shops, hotels, and other public spaces have no key icon.

android 9 get wifi ssid

If you use one of these networks, your connection could be breached. If you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network, have a firewall program installed, antivirus software active and ready to scan files, and preferably a VPN service readily available so that you can access the web while tunneled through a VPN.

The estimated signal strength is displayed next to each Wi-Fi network. The darker the icon or the more bars that display, the stronger the network signal. You may lose internet access when connected to a network with a weak signal. Don't use an unsecured network for private browsing activities, such as accessing a bank account and logging in to your online user accounts. If the network is open, the device connects automatically. If the network is password-protected and this is the first time the device has connected to it, a dialog box prompts you for a password.

Enter the password and tap Connect. On the Wi-Fi screen, the chosen network appears at the top of the list and updates on the connection process appear at the bottom. The network is saved to the device and the device will connect to the network without entering the password in the future.

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